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Adventures Club Downtown Disney

Adventurer's Club - Downtown Disney

The Adventurer's Club closed it's doors on September 27th, 2008, however the spirit of Adventurers live on and I needed an Adventurer's Club fix so I pulled together this page to remind me of ther good times when the Adventurer's Club was open.

With Pamelia Perkins at Adventurer's Club!
During the last few weeks of Adventurer's Club , I spent many a night drinking Kungaloosh! and listening to tales of Adventure!

I also collected quite a few cups and actually have more than I can use. I have managed to get a few other items to including two Adventurer's Club watches from the 1990's.

Adventurer's Club Collector Cups
I am selling the cups as a set of 4 - 2 Colonel and 2 Kungaloosh for $39.99 and that includes shipping. (Payment via Pay Pal) Let me know if you are interested. Email Me

If you are interested in Adventurer's Club Items here are some items up for auction on Ebay. Sometimes I sell items there.

The Adventurer's Club

For 19 years every day was New Year's Eve 1937 for the Member's of the Adventurer's Club. The unique band of characters entertained the crowd with fun improv and performed upwards of 12 - 15 shows a night!

There Moto was "Come in a Stranger and Leave a Friend."
And for many who entered this statement became true as new members were inducted during the New Member Ceremony and encouraged to greet strangers with the secret hand shake, Kungaloosh!

Over the years this magical place inspired friendships, lead to weddings and helped visitors escape life for just a little bit.

On September 27, 2008, Disney closed the Adventurer's Club and all of the Pleasure Island night clubs to make room for something better. After spending many nights on Pleasure Island, I hope that Disney does not let the magic slip away and that somewhere somehow Our Club President Pamelia Perkins and the rest of the Adventurer's Club crew will return with new adventurers.

Here are photos and fun Adventurer's Club items.

Main Adventurer's Club Characters
Pamelia Perkins - Club President
Otis T. Wren - Club Treasurer and ichthyologist
Samantha Sterling - Explorer and cabaret singer
Fletcher Hodges - Absent-minded Club Curator
Hathaway Browne - Aviator, and the club's ladies' man
Emil Bleehall - Contender for the Balderdash Cup. Hails from Sandusky, Ohio.
Graves - Club Butler
The Maid - The Maid's name changes based on work is playing the character.

Other Cahracters are part of the Adventurer's Club Decor!
Colonel Critchlow Suchbench - Club Gleemeister. The colonel is head of security and is often woken up by yelling "Free Drink Colonel.' This cable-controlled puppet leads new inductees in the club song, banters with guests and sings songs.
Babylonia - The goddess of women and all things fertile, who sometimes speaks.
The Yakoose - A mounted animal head that occasionally moves and speaks
Arnie and Claude - A pair of talking masks in the Mask Room
Beezle - A genie whose head appears in the Treasure Room
Fingers Zambezi - A haunted organ that provides the music for the Library shows

Need an Adventurer's Club Fix - The Colonel Sings the Member Song

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